The company's staff

The total number of staff in company - 207 people. Administrative management personnel, engineers
and technicians make - 52 people. Production staff - 155 people. All engineering and production
personnel qualified and have good work experience.


Office in Almaty:


General Director - Murat Omarov

Director of Marketing and Commerce - Aslan Urazbaev

Chief Financial Officer - Mukhtar Buharbaev

Chief Accountant - Eugenia Dauletyarova

Production Director – Gregory Podymsky

Sales Director – Imran Vantaev



Office of the South-Kazakhstan branch:


Branch Director- Production Director - Shayguzov Azamat Tasmuhamedovich;

Sales Director - Eugene Smirnov.



Office of Kyzylorda branch:


Branch Director- Sales Director - Rakyshev Asan Tungyshbaevich;

Production Director - Shestopalov  Alexander Vasileyvich.