LLP "Kazakhstan Petrochemical Company CHEMICAL" produces the following type of plastic film:


1) Shrink corresponding to GOST 25951-83 produced from high-pressure polyethylene. It is used to create pieces of products, including consumer packaging,
multipacks and packaging of goods. Specifications.


2) Polyethylene film corresponding to GOST 10354, produced from high-pressure polyethylene. It is used in agriculture, land reclamation and water management,
construction, as a packaging material, as well as in various sectors of the economy. Specifications.


3) Stretch film is manufactured from components of the linear low density polyethylene, low density polyethylene and poliizobutelena. It is used for transport
packaging and packaging are different, including different size cargo pallets (pallets) using a rotary wrapping. Specifications.


4) The same company can supply BOPP film for various purposes: flower, food, label and packaging of cigarettes and tea. Specifications.